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SANIMATEX electric relaxation bedding and Memory Foam mattresses

Orthopedic Disc sprung system Bed Base
With AlBs ® Adjustable Low Back Support

- Dual motor system
- Power 2 x 6000 N, 80° head elevation, 45° feet
- Safety cut-out at the electrical outlet
- Radio Remote control
- Glued multiplex beech frame and slats
- 5 comfort zones with efficient low back sustain system

- This bed base is available in fixed or adjustable format.
- This bed base can be incorporated into a bed frame.

Bed base approved in Germany for medical use

Other versions available

Technical Features

Brand / Model Sanimatex® Angkor G3
Category Adjustable or Fixed
Technique Slabs + AlBs® (elevating slats)
Recoiling Backrest No AlBs® System instead
Comfort Zones 5 + ortho-lumbar support
Available Colors Wengé
Package Content

One bed base already assembled composed of:
- Glued multiplex beech frame and slats
- ABS Slabs with oscillatory system
- Slats + Glass fiber counter-slats
- Height adjustable slats (AlBs®)
- Slabs adjustment system
(shoulders / pelvis)
- 4 solid wood squared feet

Adjustable version

Motor System
(Dual motor - Made in Germany)
Radio Remote Control
2 Lateral stoppers + 1 Foot stopper
Weight 70x190: FIXED 19kg / ADJUSTABLE 32kg
80x200: FIXED 21kg / ADJUSTABLE 36kg
90x200: FIXED 22kg / ADJUSTABLE 38kg
Dimensions (l x L - cm)
Catalog Overall Slabs/Slats
70x190 69x188 44/2
80x200 79x198 55/2
90x200 89x198 66/2
100x200 99x198 77/2
120x190*PS 119x188 88/2
140x190*PS 139x188 110/2
*PS: Special version for singles

Total height without feet: 18cm
- Height of the frame: 14cm
- Projection of the slabs: 4cm

Feet height: 15cm

Motor power 2x6000N
+ "Power boost" (up to 2x15 000N)
Remote Control Radio
Backup Battery Yes

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