Quality is our priority when we manufacture a product. We work hard to make sure this quality is present, felt and seen in both the product itself and in the way we produce it.

This quality has been recognized and that's why we have obtained various awards:

Certified Eco-Friendly Plant (ISO14001)

The Sanimatex ® plant has been certified to ISO14001 for the environemental quality of its management. (more...)

Medical Product

Our electric bad base ANGKOR is one of the few "consumer bed base" which have been recognized as a medical product.


Sanimatex is a Trade Mark committed to only the highest quality in its products. The company ensures that its exacting product specificities are met by its suppliers and manufacturers.

Safety, Quality and Innovation are the principal drivers for its products and Sanimatex has its mattresses manufactured in Belgium, its bed bases in Germany and certain components in Denmark.

By going to these “best of class” manufacturers, Sanimatex can guarantee very high quality bedding and ensure your permanent comfort and satisfaction.