• High Density Memory Foam 65kg/m3
  • Ventilation system
  • Unzippable Mattress Tick
  • Mattress HYDRA

  • The best Ventilation
  • High Density Memory Foam 65kg/m3
  • Air Spring System®
  • Mattress HELIOS

  • Backache therapy mattress
  • High Density Memory Foam 85kg/m3
  • Air Flow System®
  • Mattress AQUARIUS

  • Recommended for sensitive people
  • High Density Memory Foam 65kg/m3
  • Air Flow System®
  • Mattress PHOENIX

  • Dual Comfort Mattress
  • High Density Memory Foam 65 & 85kg/m3
  • Air Flow System®
  • Mattress HELIOS DELUXE

  • PBS® System
  • High Density Memory Foam 65 & 85kg/m3
  • Removable Topper

  • Memory Foam 65kg/m3
  • 6cm thickness
  • Unzippable mattress tick
  • SANIMATEX electric relaxation bedding and Memory Foam mattresses

    How to choose the right memory foam mattress?
    The memory foam prevents and relieves backache. It enhances blood circulation and improves muscles relaxation.

  • Backache:
  • Choose a 85k/m3 density foam like the Sanimatex® HQ high density memory foam (available in these mattresses: Helios, Helios Deluxe). These mattresses are recommended by physiotherapists.

  • Blood Circulation:
  • Prefer the 65 kg/m3 density Sanimatex® HQ (available on the Aquarius, Centaurus and Hydra mattresses). These mattresses are particularly recommended for seniors.

  • Foam Density:
  • The density of the foam is a guarantee of stability over time. The higher the density is, the longer your mattress will last and keep its therapeutic properties. However, it is not a guarantee of hardness. A 50kg/m3 mattress can be harder than a 65kg/m3.

  • Ventilation:
  • Make sure your memory foam mattress has an efficient ventilation system.
    At Sanimatex®, we have developed and implemented some proprietary technologies such as the Air Flow System® or the Air Cooling Textile® for an optimal sleep. This is because the memory foam may cause overheating sensations when it is used alone.