Our products are constantly evolving. They benefit from the latest technological innovations to provide you maximum comfort. Below some of the most innovative:

Système AlBs ®

Exclusive system of elevating slats in the lower-back zone for even more comfort in all sleeping positions.

AirFlow System ®

The viscoelastic foam layers are placed on a special tip structure, which ensures permanent air galleries inside the mattress.

Space Technology

Parts of our mattress ticking are woven with ultra-breathable microscopic meshes. This enhances the aeration and the hygiene of your bedding. This technology, inspired from the spatial research, complements perfectly the AirFlow System ®.


High density memory foam is a solution to back ache frequently recommended by physiotherapists. Heat sensitive viscoelastic foam with a density of 85 kg per cubic metre adapts to the shape of your body and supports it in an equal manner. Tension and stress points disappear, your muscles relax, you “lose” your body...

You wake up rested and start your day fit and ready.