SANIMATEX electric relaxation bedding and Memory Foam mattresses

All our mattresses and bed bases are compatible with each other.
So, you can combine them at your convenience to reach the comfort you need.
You will find below a selection of bedding sets that we have specifically developed.
These are available from our dealers and represent the best solutions in the following cases:

Backache Therapy Bedding Set


This set has got some therapeutic virtues. It will suits the needs of people who are suffering from backache. The 85kg/m3 high denisty foam of the HELIOS mattress is well known of the medical sector. It provides a strong support while relieving pressure points.
This support is relayed with high efficiency by the accuracy of the bed base ANGKOR which offers a wide range of adjustments for a maximum comfort.

This set is composed of:
Mattress HELIOS (x2) / Adjustable Bed Base ANGKOR (x2)
Available here at our dealers

Dual Comfort Bedding Set

For the couples, we offer this combination between two mattresses (HELIOS & AQUARIUS) and the the electric adjustable bed base ANGKOR. Women will appreciate the softness and the smoother comfort of the AQUARIUS, while the men will enjoy the dynamic support of the HELIOS mattress.
In terms of appearance and dimensions, these mattresses are strictly similar. Only the comforts are different.

This set is composed of:
Mattress HELIOS (x1) + Mattress AQUARIUS (x1) /
Adjustable Bed Base ANGKOR (x2)
Available here at our dealers



This set is ideal for couples who are looking for a premium fixed bedding. The bed bases Angkor in their fixed version are associated with a wide mattress composed of 2 layers of foam of different densities. These two layers are arranged side by side and provide two highly customized comforts.

On one side, men will find the firmness and the dynamic comfort of the HELIOS mattress while on the other side, women will appreciate the delicate and precise support of the AQUARIUS mattress and all this inside one single mattress: the PHOENIX.

This set is composed of:
Mattress PHOENIX (x1) / Fixed Bed Base ANGKOR (x2)
Available here at our dealers



Bedding Set for Seniors & Sensitive People


This set will delight those who are looking for a delicate, pleasant and soft comfort combined with a good support.
The awesome comfort of the mattress AQUARIUS associated to the performance of the adjustable bed base ANGKOR makes this set ideal for a complete muscle relaxation and an optimal rest. It also enhances blood circulation.

This set is composed of:
Mattress AQUARIUS (x2) /
Adjustable Bed Base ANGKOR (x2) * also available in fixed version
Available here at our dealers

*BOXSPRING SET* - Perfect AESTHETIC, Maximum COMFORT, Incomparable WELL-BEING...


This set will fill with happiness all those who want to discover a new sleeping way directly inspired by the Scandinavian sleeping Art.
Luxury, comfort and raffinament are at their best. Thanks to the wide choice of coatings and colors, this boxspring bed will fit perfectly to your room. The headboard's aesthetics and its meticulous workmanship will bring an astonishing artistic dimension to your bedding. Finally the top of the range HELIOS DELUXE mattress associated to the electric boxspring bed bases will offer you a unique sleeping comfort.

This set is composed of:
Headboard CHAMBORD (x1)
Adjustable Boxspring Bed Base (x2)
Mattress HELIOS DELUXE (x2)

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