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Prestigious Boxspring set

suitable for people with reduced mobility

This relaxation set behaves like any electric bed with a classic head-lift and foot-lift but, it also has a general elevation system to facilitate getting in and out of bed.

- Adjustable relaxation bedding
- Head, feet and general lift system
- Variable height of the sleeping level (55cm to 90cm)
- 5 comfort zones with pocket springs tray
- Anti-slip mirror
- Powerfull german-made motors: 4x4000N
- Multifunctional wired remote control
- Choice between 3 types of pretigious coating
- 19 colors available
- 3 types of feet

Technical Features

Brand / Model Sanimatex® VILLANDRY
Category Medical Boxspring Bed Base
Technique Bonnell Springs / 5 comfort zones
Motor power Feet and backrest elevation motor block: 2x6000N
+ "Power boost" (up to 2x10 000N)
Elevation motor block: 8 000N
+ "Power boost" (up to 2000daN)
Remote Control Wired
Elevation Feet / Head / Lying Surface
Circuit-breaker Yes
(electronic multi-voltage transformer)
Backup Battery Yes
Available Colors Of your choice
(3 type of coatings / 19 colors)
Package Content 1 Boxspring Bed Base composed of:
2 Motor Blocks (1 for feet and backrest elevation + 1 for the elevation of the lying surface - Made in Germany)
1 Wired Remote Control
4 feet (consumer-mounted)
Weight 70x190: XXkg
80x200: XXkg
90x200: XXkg